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The Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS) is an XML schema for marking up scripture and related text, part of an "open scripture" initiative composed of translators, publishers, scholars, software manufacturers, and technical experts who are coordinated by the Bible Technologies Group.   more...

OSIS Fast Facts
Once a technology is well understood, rapid development and adoption of standards is important because it vastly reduces the costs of advancement in the field. With computers, standardization is critical because there is often no easy conversion from one program to another. The longer each Bible translator, software vendor, and publisher uses a different format, the harder it is to build a usable, standardized format that will serve as a foundation for an endless variety of presentations and products.   more...

OSIS ROI Fact Sheet
We live in times where strategic spending and cost savings are critical to our success. So as you decide how you can invest in creating new biblical texts in OSIS and moving existing texts to OSIS, it is essential to understand what kind of return you will get from your investment.   more...

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